Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I have been surfing the blogs out there. Boy are there some angry Americans out there - and rightly so.

Mr. Bush, has always impressed me as being an inarticulate, bungling, no brainer. Which raises the question - why did he get elected TWICE???

Forgive my ignorance of American politics, but I cannot believe the majority of Americans want him as leader so, what goeth on?

However it could be said why did Tony Blair get in twice: answer, no viable alternative and apathetic voting. They should both be retired to the twilight home (or should that be zone) for incompetant and egotistical washed out politicians, err perhaps politician is too kinder word. Chain them to a table and make them write "I am a Liar" over and over again, all day, everyday. Put the table in a swamp.

Enough of this rambling I think. Must get back into gear and get back on the highway.



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