Thursday, September 22, 2005


Good Morning World. Following on from yesterday's discovery that the mentally unstable play with the money markets and to be brain damaged and emotionally barren allows risk taking and the facility for making risky decisions.

I took a leap (maybe a big one) and related all this to politics.

Well, we have an answer folks. If only we can get Mr. Gates to invesitgate it, develop it further, and come up with a nice neat, tiny version of it.

I still cannot get the link thingy, so will post the article at the bottom of this page, if you'll just allow me to fantasise a little, cos I'm good at that.

An algorithm has been written that will allow a 99 percent accuracy, during an MRI scan on the brain to detect when someone is lying. Apparently there is a visible change when a lie is told.

If Mr. Gates would get his finger out, we could use this, after having a national, nay, international referendum, for it's compulsory use on the functioning psychopaths and in particular our esteemed world leaders

Mr. Bush does like his baseball caps, doesn't he, so there we have the ideal vehicle for it. We could install a warning, flashing light in the said cap, to alert the masses to his never ending deviousness, but even better, a short, sharp electric shock, may persuade him that sincerity and honesty is the best policy. Over time, a bit like Pavlov's dog really. I wonder how long it would take to train him? I think extra time would need to be allowed for Mr. Bush, he's a bit thick. Another advantage would be to wipe that never ending smirk of his face.

Maybe some extra pain would also persuade him that signing the Kyoto Agreement would be an honourable thing to do.

Our Tony never seems to wear a hat. Put one in is ear and make his teeth light up, we see those lovely nashers so often. Even better (concentrate Bill and listen) introduce a soundwave such as those used in lithotrypters for blasting Kidney stones and make his nashers fall out one, by one. It won't take long.

Oh, I could get quite carried away with this. I think my evil side is coming out today. No, it's just my frustration with the world in general.

Anyway here is the article.

MRI brain scan the ultimate lie detector JAMES REYNOLDS
BRAIN imaging techniques that can reveal when a person is lying are now reliable enough to identify criminals with near faultless accuracy.
Neuroscientists using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans - which provide a computer-generated picture of the brain's workings - have developed a near 100 per cent accurate formula to separate lies from the truth, a report in the journal Nature reveals.

The researchers believe that their test is now ready for real-life scenarios.

The test works by monitoring the frontal lobes of the brain. When somebody lies, their brain inhibits them from revealing the truth, and this makes the frontal lobes more active. By analysing the brain activity during scenarios in which subjects tell both truths and lies, they have developed an algorithm that can identify each response with 99 per cent accuracy. The team gave volunteers an envelope containing two playing cards and $20. Subjects could keep the money if they lied convincingly in the tests.

One of the scientists who worked on the study, Rugen Gur, said: "A lie is always more complicated than the truth. You think a bit more, and MRI picks that up."



Blogger colcam said...

Nice idea, Kats, but it would never work.


Because if Bill Gates developed the thing it would crash fourteen times a day.

11:50 PM  
Blogger colcam said...

By the way, if you want a hand with the links, e-mail me. It's in my profile.

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