Thursday, October 06, 2005


Independant Counciller for West Lothian,
Duncan Maclean has been asked to resign over his remarks regarding the Gay Community. He also provoked outrage at his query "why do queers have to parade about in public".

He unsuccessfully tried to stop same sex marriages from going ahead in his Council Borough saying:

"It's political correctness gone mad. As the Bible teaches, 'Wrong-doers will not inherit the kingdom of God', and this includes lesbians and gays.


Well, Mr. Maclean I have a story to tell you. Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Then pin back your bigoted ears.

Once upon a time in the not too distant past a well known University decided to do a study into Homophobia. They called forth into the Kingdom many men and interviewed them in such a way as to assess their attitudes to homosexuality.

Out of all these subjects they picked 10 who showed no signs of homophobia, and 10 who were obviously aggressively homophobic - a bit like you Duncan, well, a lot like you really.

All were wired up in such a way, that all emotions were registered, particularly sexual arousal -no don't ask me where they put the electrodes, probably in the same place as the penis enlargement patches in an earlier blog.

I Digress.

After all the electrodes were placed in and on their special little places. and of course on their heads to measure brain waves. They were put in a room to watch Homosexual pornography.

Without exception, all the aggressively homophobic subjects became sexually aroused and the non-homophobic subjects, yes, you guessed it, not a flicker of interest one way or the other.

So, Mr. Duncan, I would search your soul and look deep. Methinks you doth protest too much. First though, lets read in tomorrows Scotsman that you've tendered your resignation.

You would be a much happier person if you just came out of that closet you're hiding in.

In my experience though, people in glass houses usually do throw stones.



Blogger colcam said...

Excellent, Kats!

Duncan MacLean should resign immediately, but I wont hold my breath waiting for the announcement.

Oh I so hope he reads this. :)

11:46 PM  
Blogger kats said...

I'll let you know if he's read it when I get sued for libel/slander - whatever!


8:16 AM  

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