Monday, December 19, 2005


Life is running away with me at the moment.

I have suddenly found myself working for a living, and what I was told was 2 days a week is rapidly turning into five. I am now incarcerated in an office with a lunatic who has been collecting junk for 4 years. Well ok, some of it is antique and very nice too. I was taken to a secret location, not blindfolded, just sworn to secrecy on pain of death, taken into two very, very, large sheds which are bursting to the rafters with the lunatic's "collection". "Right" he said, waving his arms like windmills, "all this has to be catalogued, described, photographed and put on e-bay. So there I am doing said tasks and, actually rather enjoying it. Each crate that is hauled down to the office is like opening a treasure chest, you name it, he's bought it.

Hence my lack of blogging - I must get some discipline going again.

The rest of my time has been spent boat hunting. Last Friday I was down in Spean Bridge looking at a 60 foot converted Motor Fishing Vessel, moored on Loch Lochy.

So, we have made an offer and she is to be surveyed this week, and all being well she will be ours by the end of March. We have a slight problem though, - we can't find a mooring - a slight technical hitch - maybe doomed to wander the seas like a pair of aging maritime new age travellers.

Anyway, now it's becoming a reality it's becoming scary. Such a life change, exciting and bloody terrifying at the same time.

To be continued...................................



Blogger colcam said...

Wandering the high seas isn't half as scary as a visit to "Spleen Bridge" - you might have run into me. Anywhere else you would recognize me instantly by the mad stare and insane mutterings, but not in my unnatural habitat.

Everybody here stares through glazed eyes and mutters.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Lightning said...

Sounds really exciting and hope the boat purchase is successful, will be good to see some photos when the dealis done.

ps. Thanks for the e-card, very nice too.

2:46 PM  

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