Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I read with some amusement, followed by a loud sigh, that the Burger King Advert has been, because a live cow was wearing a Burger Blanket, was deemed offensive by some among us.

Who to? Well for a start Vegetarians - I can understand that, but do they blindfold themselves when walking past the meat counter in Tescos or wherever and cross the road to avoid the Butcher's shop so as not to upset their poor sensitive feelings. Or perhaps it has turned into a religion and we must not offend it at any cost or cause the veggie equivalent of a jihad, named perhaps the "lethal Turnip Squads". Don't get me wrong, I used to be one, but alas missed my bacon butties, but still find it difficult to put up with that smell of "Dead meat" in the Butchers.

However it was not only veggies that objected to it. Many carnivores did too. Why? Well, people like to think that that nice piece of meat on a polystyrene tray covered in clingfilm with a nice label on it never walked around on 4 legs (or in the case of chickens etc, 2 of them). In fact, in the past, to my horror and disbelief I have encountered people and children that had no idea where it came from. They must have thought there was a nice hygienic factory somewhere, with not a drop of blood in sight, where by some miracle, manufactured meat popped out of a magical mechanical hole, trundled along a conveyor belt, gets all wrapped up nicely and hey presto, dinner for sale. The sad part about it is many folk would not know what to do with a nice juicy leg of lamb .

Well to put my slant on it - I don't find the advert offensive but I find the shite people eat and worse feed their kids on from these establishments, quite frankly bloody horrific. Don't even get me started on how chicken nuggets are made.

Anyway here is said article:

An advert featuring a cow wearing a Burger King-branded blanket has been cleared of breaching industry guidelines for causing offence.
The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the commercial did not breach industry regulations despite 82 complaints.
Some vegetarian viewers thought the advert was "distressing", while others found it offensive or in poor taste.
The ASA conceded that some viewers would think it in poor taste to use a live cow in an advert for a hamburger chain, but said the ad was unlikely to have caused serious offence.
"Whilst we recognised that some viewers would find the link between the cow and the product distasteful and too direct an approach, we did not consider it was likely to cause serious or widespread offence against general public feeling," the watchdog ruled.
In the advert, a man was shown in a field singing, "£1.99er, they're only £1.99", before a cow walked by clad in a Burger King blanket.
In its defence, Burger King told the ASA that the ad was intended to be light-hearted and did not believe it would offend anyone.

What a waste of money even investigating it.




Blogger Lightning said...

It is getting a bit sad, not being able to use our common sense these days, without some numpty taking offense at whatever turns them on.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Gavin Corder said...

I despair of it Lightning. Thanks for the e-card Kats. Very sparkly - I shall have to find something for you...

7:59 PM  

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