Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.

I'm so glad that Christmas is over with - not my favourite time of year, but nevertheless hope you all had a joyous time.

For those of you not familiar with quaint Scots customs, new year is a two day affair here and I must say it's like waiting for the world to be resuscitated. I'm not blessed with patience and I need to get a move on.

For those of you who may be interested here is an update. I am smarting over how hypocritical and two faced people can be. Why? Here's why.

A couple from Luton came to view our house. The female of the pair asked to talk money and although I had promised my estate agent (who is also a friend) not to and to let him do it, I broke the rule. I was asked a price, gave the price and then was told a story about how they had missed a house because someone had sold their property for a higher price, privately, although they knew they had put the highest bid in. (In Scotland we state an asking price and invite bids). So Me being me (soft as shite) promised that if they offered and we accepted I would not accept a higher offer.

Lo and behold two days later a written offer came from Mr. and Mrs Luton for the price we wanted. Job done. Oh no. Two weeks go by and true to my word, no other people were allowed to come and view. Then I receive a phone call, via the agent and via their solicitor and Mr. and Mrs. Luton try to get me to knock of £5,000 off the price, to which I reply with steam coming out of my ears, "tell them to get stuffed". A day later another message, if they stick to original offer will I sell to them - my reply - is still get stuffed.

Why do some people demand principles from you when they have none, the chiselling bastards.

So, back to the drawing board, which in it's turn holds everything else up. This life changing stuff is not easy. *sigh*

Now on to the 60 foot converted trawler near Spean Bridge. The answer to that one is Gribbles. Wots a Gribble I hear you land lovers shout. Tis a nasty little worm that gets into the hull of a wooden boat, I reply, and eats it and eventually you sink, or pay endless amounts of money replacing parts of the hull that have been nibbled by a gribble. Said boat on a previous survey had evidence of the dreaded gribble, but it had not been treated.

I now refuse to buy a wooden boat for fear of the gribble which has taken on the persona of Godzilla in my head.

To be continued........................



Blogger Lightning said...

Happy New Year Kats, looks like you had a set of chancers looking at your house, stick to your principles, it will all work out in the end, gribbles or not.

3:48 PM  
Blogger The Door Steward said...

Good luck with the house.

Thank you for the xmas and new year e-cards, the new year one with the bird was rather amusing. I wish you all the best for 2006 darling. DS x

5:32 PM  
Blogger colcam said...

Hi Kats - I'm starting where I left off.

Sounds like Mr & Mrs Luton are the original Gribbles.

And that'll teach you to look at a 'Spleen Bridge' boat!

Everybody and everything in 'Spleen' has sunk!!!

6:13 PM  

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