Saturday, August 05, 2006


As I was going about my business this morning, as you do. I heard a loud yelp from our Border collie - Kali.

I looked up into the saloon from the galley and there she stood looking down at me with copious amounts of blood wending it's way across the floor. She had ripped a claw right out and it was hanging off. (Makes you wince, don't it?).

So, off to the vets for a very fetching flourescent pink bandage with smiley faces on it and 2 injections - anitbiotics and pain killer.

So here she is above some hours later milking it for everything she can get, and getting it!



Blogger Gaea Phoenix said...

Poor Kali...Did they give her the "Good" drugs? I got the good drugs, vicodin, because a root canaled tooth is abscessing...wheee. Kali looks like she's on the doggie form of vicodin. Good for her. Watch out for the nausea, though.

4:16 PM  

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