Monday, August 07, 2006


Word in the Holy Ether is that the Christian Youth Magazine has devoted it's August issue entirely to sex.

Should we, shouldn't we, are we allowed to. Can we flirt (for christs sake!). What does God say, what will he say and/or do If I fall by the wayside.

It's bad enough to be a youth or youthess, awash on a sea of raging hormones without bringing God into the equation for crying out loud. These Christian Youths and youthesses must be practicing mental self flagellation on a hourly basis.

So the church has found a way to manipulate those hormones to rein in a larger flock.

Read this:

Saunders is adamant that Christians should acknowledge sex as a positive experience. "Christians are perceived as a bunch of puritanical sexual killjoys. When in fact we should be known as the pro-sex lobby. God is pro-sex, after all he invented it. Christians can have healthy fulfilling sex lives that are just as exciting and adventurous as everyone else's. The difference is Christians can talk about it's higher value - as a God ordained gift, and we must never lose sight of that truth, nor allow others to think we believe differently.

When boiled down to basics this is just a marketing campaign equivalent to putting cartoon characters on cereal packets to influence toddlers and increase the market.

Or perhaps us poor lost souls down here in Soddom and Gomorrah will just have to look on in envy of the gift from God, or in my case look down cynically sniggering.



Blogger Lightning said...

Liked the Title to this post, very clever. Let's face it, there will be sex, church or no church. Saw on the news this morning "Church is installing Hole in the Wall cash machine on the premises, maybe they need more offerings that they get at present.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Gaea Phoenix said...

Oh, mercy...They just don't give up, do they?

Hey, I'm all for a more progressive church (Buddy Christ from "Dogma" comes to mind), but let's face it...there's always a price, isn't there? Obeisance, control, and my favorite...Guilt. It's not "Christian" sex without the guilt. "You can have sex...But you'll BURN IN HELL if you don't do it the way we say! Muahahahahha..."

Okay, maybe not their exact words, but you know that's what they're thinking. ; >

4:27 PM  
Blogger Gavin Corder said...

It may be marketing but it's a great proposition, innit? :-D

1:49 AM  

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