Friday, January 05, 2007


I always had a sneaking suspicion at the time of the Presedential elections that Al Gore should have won, and that something underhand had robbed him of the presidency.
The fact that he lost that election was probably one of the saddest days for the U.S.A. and no doubt the rest of the planet.
I have just watched his documentary AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH.
It is funny, shocking and above all, thought provoking.
It is presented in a no frills, understandable format and holds you in thrall for the whole 93 minutes.
This should be put on the school curriculum worldwide, and never mind identity cards, issue every household with a copy of this instead, it would be money well spent.
Kats (going off to investigate bio fuels for the boat)


Blogger Gaea Phoenix Qandromeda said...

Yeah, as soon as we got the documentary (which I thought for sure was going to pass us by), Jaya, Chad, and myself had to go.

Great documentary, and it deserved an Oscar.

I just find it amusing as hell that all these people who had their heads stuck in the sand for, literally, years were awful quick to jump on the "oh this is a travesty/can't we do SOMEthing?" bandwagon as soon as pretty much EVERY scientist in the WORLD came out and said, "you, World, are a bunch of dipshits if you don't think this is real. Now we've got oil companies issuing statements & legislation flying out of every politician's ass...

the whole thing actually makes me want to vomit for the stupidity of it...oh well, at least we're finally getting somewhere.

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